Stand Up Paddleboard Adapter Ordering Guide

Step 1

You’ll need the Paddling Adapter.

Paddling Adapter
Paddling Adapter to Concept2 Models C, D, or E Indoor Rower. Attachment which allows you to temporarily convert your Concept2 Indoor Rower into a Paddlemachine, which simulates single-bladed (canoe) paddling.  Please let us know if you will be attaching the paddling adapter to a Model E rower.

Step 2

Choose a Paddle Shaft

SUP Paddle Shaft
Basswood Stand Up Paddle shaft with rope harness, pulley and 14ft cord. A 56 inch-long wooden paddle shaft with a large palm grip assembled with 14 ft cord, short rope and pulley on shaft.  Meant to be used while paddler is standing behind the Rower installed with the Paddling Adapter, simulating Stand Up Paddleboarding.  May be used with Stand Up Paddleboard Balance Platform (PN 501).  If ordering from outside the U.S., please contact us first to confirm shipping availability.
Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Step 3

Choose a Platform to Stand On

SUP Balance Platform
SUP Balance Platform. New version of SUP balance platform with diamond plate surface.  Placed behind the Rower installed with the Paddling Adapter this platform simulates the side-to-side motion of a paddleboard. Allows for complete core, leg and torso workout while training for SUP. Fits on Models C and D Rowers.  To be used with Stand Up Paddleboard Paddle Shaft (PN 502).
Your Floor!
You can stand behind the rower and get a core workout on a stable surface without the balance factor.