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Used to supplement on-water workouts and for off-season training by paddlers and by coaches for fitness check-ins and team selection, the Paddling Adapter is a key tool in the dragonboat world.  In many fitness centers and the homes of dedicated dragonboat paddlers, the Paddling Adapter is a staple for many dragonboat teams in the U.S., Canada, Australia, China and Singapore. 

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Dr. Bob McNamara states it best:
As Head Coach of team USA and the Philadelphia Dragon Boat Association, I have been promoting use of the paddle erg for years. It is an excellent off the water training resource. Serious paddlers should consider getting access to an erg individually or through their team. Unless they can paddle year round, I strongly encourage my elite paddlers to spend a good portion of the off season on the erg. If a coach sets up an erg trial for early season it will motivate the troops to keep in shape over the winter as the machine does not lie. While I prefer outrigger testing for team selection, the erg can be used to narrow the field for those tests or, if you do not have access to outriggers, to select a boat. If you choose to use this to select your boat make sure you weight adjust the scores.